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10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block – that actually work

Sometimes you feel lazy, or just out of ideas, or so many ideas that you are filled with overwhelm, sometimes you are not just motivated enough to pick up that brush, sometimes you pick up the brush but are still lost! In this post I am sharing 10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block that actually work!

10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block - that actually work
10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block – that actually work

This is a feeling that we all have had not once but many a times! Isn’t that right? So worry not you are not alone!

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

Mary Lou Cook

What is artists Block and why does it happen?

To sum up Artist Block, it is a feeling that makes you feel stuck or demotivated and you are unable to create. This lack of inspiration can last anywhere between hours to days, even weeks. There could be many reasons for this, self doubt, imposter syndrome, some other issue that could be bothering you.

It is very much real and totally normal.

What are the causes of Artist Block?

  • Overwhelm
  • Self Doubt
  • Fear of criticism
  • Comparison
  • Lack of motivation
  • Something else is bothering you
  • Perfection illusion
  • Over thinking

Why you can do to overcome it? Here are 10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block that actually work – Practical tips that actually work

1. Keep a Journal

Ideas come most often when we are at a place where they can’t be executed! So keep your mini Art book or your Art Journal of ideas with you all at times. Go for a pocket version that is easy to carry. Keep this only for writing ideas, don’t mix paintings with this.

2. Do coloring

If you totally feel lost and are not even in the mood of going around or making an effort to find inspiration that try this, Coloring! Not only it is relaxing but it will open the door for creative inspiration and ideas will start coming in as you start swimming in the world of colors. It may look like a no brainer but you still have to think about what colors you will use, what techniques you will use, and this will unconsciously let the creativity in. And you might just stop in between and start painting something that you just thought of!

3. Try One Minute Art!

Yes it is possible! You can check these real time videos! All 21 videos are real time and are done under 1 Minute! Try a few of these to get back into your creative zone.

This is such a simple way to find the motivation to paint! I mean just one minute guys! C’mon!

21 Easy One Minute Watercolor Paintings

4. Paint Impromptu Keep Mini Sketchbooks and travel sets

Travel and paint, go outside, change your environment! Sometimes this is all you need to do. Do a simple plein air painting to get abundant inspiration and some fresh air which will increase the feel good factor and break away the block. Always keep a travel set that is easy to carry.

5. Copy but keep it to Yourself

We all have our role models, artists we love! Go check their work, scroll through their social media! See what they are up to, get ideas! Copy their work but don’t share it, keep it in the limits of your little or big sketch book. I know when we do a good job, FOMO kicks in and we forget, that this is not something that we painted with our own mind or idea, and we get tempted but please refrain!

It is great exercise to try when stuck but not a good idea to share you work.

There is no such thing as a new idea. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope.

Mark Twain

6. Capture it All

These days it is so much easier to take pictures with smart phones, so use it to the maximum. If you are still a camera person then use that instead! But keep your eyes opens as inspiration is everywhere. From fallen leaves to cracks in walls, some random wildflower blooming on the footpath or a beautiful creeper in creepy corner! All you need is an eye to spot it and the finding beauty in the mundane.

Truly you need to travel to Switzerland to find it, go and take a walk in your neighborhood and you will come back with 10 click at least!

You must see and seek like an artist, this might take a little training but meanwhile you can benefit from the walk or the drive, the fallen flowers on footpath maybe trash for everyone else, but for an Artist is a beautiful painting idea!

7. Stick to Every day doodling

Make it a ritual, try painting something very simple everyday, this will keep the things in a flow. If you are out of ideas, repeat, but paint something, if nothing just put blobs of paint on the paper.

10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists' Block that actually work
10 Secrets to finding Inspiration to overcome Artists’ Block that actually work

8. Use Pinterest

Use Pinterest for inspiration, but do remember that copying something as is never inspiration unless it is mentioned. So please don’t assume it is okay to copy anything you see there, and just say “Credit: Pinterest”, not saying this to stress you out further but just as a reminder so that you are always clear about this and stay within your ethics as responsible Artist.

9. Join a creative community

If you want to be around like minded people, then join a creative community. There are many benefits of joining a community, you will find non judgmental, like minded people, a place where you can find inspiration, ideas, constructive criticism and feedback.

You can also join my closed community here What a Color Community!, for inspiration, idea and FREE Classes!

10. Do a 100 day challenge

I have tried this 3 time so far and it is something wonderful to try when you really grow as an Artist and would like to challenge yourself in a positive way.

Here is a 100 Day Prompt list to make it easy for you, don’t think just paint these in whatever version you fell like, loose, realistic or abstract but do it.

Download the FREE Prompt guide here!

100 Days Watercolor Challenge FREE Prompt list​
100 Days Watercolor Challenge FREE Prompt list

If you want to join a challenge to stay committed then join one, there are plenty of artist who keep doing challenges like this.

11. Bonus tip! Do it whether you like it or not

 Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

Pablo Picaso

This is simple but not easy, try to push yourself, some times this what can break the spell, and this has worked for me every single time. I start with a bad mood, or bad attitude, even the paintings I do fail half of the times, but at the end of it I always feel good that I did it anyways and that give me so much more motivation and inspiration! That’s right! Sometime we ourselves are or biggest inspiration but we tend to underestimate ourselves all the time! Learn to give yourself some credit and a little appreciation!

Try this now, Give yourself a pat on the back for reading this till the end, because I know you needed to!

How do you feel? Happy! Good!

So do give this a try!

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Until next time,