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13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist

What is Creativity?

Simply put creativity is using your imagination and thinking out of the box. Imagination helps with coming up with your own unique ideas, breaking away from traditional thinking patterns and exploring new possibilities with an open mindset! The 13 must know secrets to increase your creativity as an Artist, which we will be focusing on today will help you enhance your creative powers.

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life,

and a hell of a lot more interesting life”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

– Albert Einstein

Why is Creativity Important for an Artist?

Creativity can help Artists tap into their inner thoughts and emotions and come up with their own innovative ideas. Creativity helps artists find new ideas, techniques and styles in their own unique way.

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist

Creativity starts with inspiration, then comes the process of creation and lastly the final outcome where the ideas are brought to life!

Creativity is must for artists to express themselves in an authentic way, help them connect with their audience better and enable them to explore new possibilities, stay inspired and motivated and to keep growing.

Is Creativity inborn?

This might look like a tricky question! I mean we all have heard this at some point or the other with regard to talented Artists that, “He/She is like that since birth!” or “He/She inherited that”, Right?

Which is definitely true in many cases, but that doesn’t mean that creativity is reserved only for them. Even they without proper practice will start to loose it. In the same ways by implementing proper ways one can always learn to be creative or develop creativity easily.

So to sum up if you were born creative, great! But don’t stop practicing to enhance your creative skills.

And if you think your not creative you are wrong, because we all have creativity hidden in there somewhere we just need to find it through proper practice and conscious effort.

Creativity is not about skill it is about developing the skill with proper practice, discipline and the right effort.

Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and, where appropriate, profits.

– Edward de Bono

Can you loose you Creativity?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

– Maya Angelou

The above quote perfectly describes this! You will never run out of it, in fact the more you use the more you will have! But consider this also “the less you use, the less you will have!

So let’s go ahead and explore the 13 must know secrets to increase your creativity as an Artist

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Artistic Creativity

1. Try a different medium-

If you feel stuck with watercolors try gouache or acrylic, this will help you understand your medium better and give you a chance to try something entirely new with a fresh mindset. Maybe you will get some new ideas that you can try in your own medium or even mix and match.

2. Start a daily Art journal

keeping a daily Art journal can help you stay creative every single day in a stress free way! Journal is something personal so you don’t have to share it with the world or worry about being perfect! You can practice daily art in a calm relaxed way, and this daily practice will help you enhance your creative skills in a safe place in an excellent way! Not only that you can also have a creative outlet for your inner expressions and emotions as well through art journaling.

Don’t complicate this, just draw and color things you do on a daily basis, or places you visit, your studio anything, keep it simple by outlining the shapes.

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity
13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity

3. Do Coloring!

If nothing is working and you are having one of those “bad days” then try coloring! It requires no extra effort but it is equally effective! You still have to choose your colors, do coloring in repeated patterns and pay attention to details and patterns.

Coloring is very calming and mindful process. It can act like a starter and spark your creativity!

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist
13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist

4. Join a creative community

By joining a creative community you will have a supportive group of like minded artists where you can express your self freely, get inspiration and ask for feedback in an non judgmental positive place. And this type of environment fosters creativity.

5. Play with colors

The power of colors cant be underestimated! Science and studies have proven this fact. Colors like blue and green play a major role in developing and enhancing creativity. Playing around or working more with these colors can help you improve your creative skills.

13 Secrets to Increase your Creativity
13 Secrets to Increase your Creativity

6. Spend time with Nature

Not just painting you can spend time in nature and explore the calming powers and the calming colors green and blue which are abundant out there along with added free fresh air which is certainly good for your brain! Increased oxygen stimulates your brain and helps you think clearly and creatively!

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist
13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist

7. Develop a Creative routine

If you really love your art then it is must to have a creative routine. This can be anything from morning ritual or your evening time, whatever suits you and keeps those creative juices flowing. In order to let your creativity thrive you should have daily set time and dedication for it.

8. Change your Mindset

Having an artist mindset is very important. If you do not believe in your art and are not your own biggest fan then this journey is going to be very hard. Do affirmations, upskill or find a mentor if needed but you have to get rid of those limiting beliefs.

9. Find your inner child!

If nothing is working think what a 4 year old or 6 year old you would do? Play with paint, scribble around, copy your own work, copy someone work (but do not share it on social channels, keep it to your personal sketchbook). Find that inner hidden child and explore your creativity at a whole new level.

“The creative adult is the child who survived.”

– ​​Ursula Le Guin

10. Look for inspiration

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity
13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity

Look for inspiration, the following can be very helpful:

  • Pinterest
  • Trip to an Art gallery
  • Nature Walk
  • Explore Art Books
  • Take a Workshop
  • Take a Class
  • Watch a documentary
  • Travel to new place
  • Connect with other Creatives
  • Look at your own old paintings

11. Don’t overthink

Overthinking is the biggest enemy of creativity. So don’t let those never stopping thoughts limit you. Simply count backwards 5-4-3-2-1 and start creating!

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

– Sylvia Plath

12. Take a break from Social media

Being out there on social media can be very taxing sometimes. You need to take breaks and focus on calming me time every now and then. Practicing this kind of social media hygiene or detox is very important for your mental well being and keeping those creative juices flowing!

13. Create your Creative Corner!

Having a creative space or a corner helps a lot when it comes to creativity. To let those creative juices flow you need to have serene, peaceful ad lovely space that inspires you. It can be a separate studio or just a creative corner in your bedroom! What is important is that it is as per your liking and you love creating there. Decorate it with inspirational quotes that you believe in, your art, plants, flowers, colorful stationery, your paints, books etc. there are so many ways to make it your own happy place!

13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist
13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity as an Artist


To sum up, to keep your artistic Creativity flowing you need to follow discipline and try out these few simple ways that do really work! Yes, you are hearing it right from the guinea pig!

By practicing these13 must know Secrets to Increase your Creativity you will become limitless and unstoppable! Let your Creativity flourish and keep growing as your move ahead on this artistic journey!

Until next time,