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How to Make Stop Motion Videos

Many of you have asked me for a tutorial for the Stop Motion Videos I make, so here you go!
Please note that I am not a Pro at these, I do on the basis of all I have learnt on my own, and so sharing with you all how you can start it.

To me it has been a journey of trial and error and so please keep doing it and you will eventually figure it out, hopefully with this quick tutorial you will be able to start.

What is Stop Motion?

It is an animation technique to make videos by using lot of pictures. So basically you take lots of pictures by moving you object bit by bit and then combine them to make a video by running it at a faster speed, Like the old time cartoons! In the final video the objects seem to move on their own.

Why Make Stop Motion Videos?

I love making them because they are so much fun to make, edit and they are so trendy! Once you fall in love with them you can go crazy and try so many things! They are a great option to showcase almost any type of product you sell or want to market. And they grab attention and are very interesting to watch!

Here are a few hints and tips

  1. Move your product slowly to get smooth transition.
  2. Use timer to make it easier.
  3. For a good animation you will need anywhere between 150-200 frames.
  4. Always use good lighting.
  5. Always shoot on Portrait mode for IG, Pinterest, Tangi. For YouTube use landscape mode.
  6. Never change the position of the phone.
  7. Try various speeds to see which one works best for the type of videos you make.
  8. Remember it is about trial and error, so keep experimenting!
  9. There is a reverse option try that to reverse the video if that is more dramatic and fun for the message you are trying to convey. You can also combine forward and reverse to create amazing effects.
  10. You can also add audio effects to make it more fun!
  11. You can also do a voice over.
  12. Apart from the stands available you can also use glass bottles, pile of books, pebbles etc. to shoot, be creative with it!
  13. Once you get the hang of it, it is actually easier than editing videos.
  14. You can use tripod for shooting videos for example for home décor, Dresses and stuff like that.
  15. Do your editing by just removing the unnecessary, repetitive and blurry images.
  16. Add props to the video to make it interesting, as you see in the examples below, I added seeds with clay bird to make it appear that it ate them, used pebbles for the birds to climb on etc.
  17. There are numerous things you can try, like moving an object from point A to B, making a food item fill or disappear, clothes folding or unfolding on their own, stuff coming comin out and going in the bag, a painting completing step by step, products dancing, stuff making formations like circle or heart. Make stories out of them! So let your imagination go wild!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the comments or send an email!
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I have also linked the products below that I use, but I highly recommend that you please read the individual descriptions of each product to see which one will work best for you before buying it. It may depend on the type of product you sell and the type of videos you want to make.

Links to the App/Products I use (Please Click the Bold title to go to product pages)

Stop Motion Studio I have used a few other apps but this one works the best in terms of ease, lighting and features. It is Free to download and as a newbie you have almost all the featured that you will need.

Ring Light Natural light is the best in any case but if you don’t have access to it then I recommend using this light, it has three different light settings, not only that you can reduce and increase the intensity as well. It is a USB one so I use it with my laptop. There is no flickering or flashes or those weird zig zag lines with this one when you make the videos. I have it in front of my window but even with the natural light I use this as well, also whenever I paint or work at night this light is just perfect, however you will need good lighting in the room as well.

Phone Stand /Holder I use that white stand that you see in the video for the side angle mainly. But it can be used as overhead as well. It is easy to set up use. You can just attach to the side of the table no drilling or anything is needed. the whole rod is flexible so you can shoot at any angle you want.

Mini Flexible Tripod This is great when you have to set up your phone at odd angles. Also it is great for taking it with you if you shoot at different locations. I carry it when I am outside painting in the nature, as well at when I shoot at places other than my work table.

Black Flexible Arm Holder This one is actually a microphone holder that you see but I have replaced it with the ring light, so you will need a little DIY with these. But this one is really helpful for making over head videos and to set up. Do read the reviews and question and answers for this one as this could be a bit tricky to install, but I am still putting it here as I find it extremely useful with a bit of DIY and common sense you can actually put it to good use!

I really hope that this was helpful!

Here are a few more Example that you can see to get ideas!