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How to Paint Easy Watercolor Rakhi Cards

Handmade cards have a charm of their own, don’t they? They make the gifting extra special with that personal touch! So why not make this Rakhi/Rakshabandhan extra special with an easy hand-painted Rakhi greeting Card! so come and make this easy and lovely card with me!

To make this card you don’t need any special drawing or painting skills. This card is so easy and yet it looks as if it took hours to make!

So it is time to impress your loved ones with a sweet handmade card!

DIY Rakhi Cards
Handmade Rakhi Cards

You can also use these as home decor!

Festivals are themselves so much fun, but when it comes to gifting, if we add that special touch of handmade or a hand written thoughtful note, the memories of that become lifelong.

Don’t you cherish those gifts with extra love? I always do! I still have the pile of handmade cards I have received over the years!

When we were kids we used to make Rakhis with beads, pom poms, threads and what not. At that time it was hard to find handmade ones in the market so it was even more fun to do! I still remember craft classes where we used old stuff and repurposed it into making rakhi’s, we did not even know the concept of upcycling at that time but it was so much fun and we enjoyed our SUPW (Socially useful productive work) classes so much!

With rakhi cards it is also easy to send you love across borders to your sibling.

If you are new to this Indian festival, here is a brief intro to it,

Raksha Bandhan is a popular, traditionally Hindu, 
annual rite, or ceremony, which is central to a festival 
of the same name celebrated in South Asia, 
and in other parts of the world significantly
 influenced by Hindu culture. On this day, 
sisters of all ages tie a talisman, or amulet, called the Rakhi,
 around the wrists of their brothers, 
symbolically protecting them, 
receiving a gift in return, 
and traditionally investing the brothers 
with a share of the responsibility of their potential care.
                                                       Source: Wikipedia

You can follow the video tutorial here or check the steps below,

DIY hand made Rakhi Greeting Cards


Here is a list of all the materials that you will need to make this project. You don’t need any fancy materials for this project any watercolors will do it, but do use only cotton watercolor paper else this effect will not come very nicely.

You can click on the individual items if you wish to get them,

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Materials to make Rakhi card

Preparing the Rakhi Base

Prepare the base by cutting a circular shape, leaving side loops to punch and make the Rakhi shape. After cutting punch the holes.

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 1 Handmade Rakhi Card

Drawing the Floral Mandala Design

Next is drawing your design, you can just make any floral design, mandala, or geometric shapes that you want. Keep it simple and fun! After drawing with pencil outline it with waterproof pen. Feel free to trace the design or use a stencil. You can also draw a cartoon character or an illustration if you are up for it!

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 2 Handmade Rakhi Card
handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 3 Handmade Rakhi Card

Coloring the Rakhi

Once the pen ink is dry, you can color the Rakhi with the colors you like! Try using a combo of cool or warm colors or just use your own imagination! Simple fill in the colors of your choice or follow the scheme I have done here.

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 4 Handmade Rakhi Card

Coloring the Background

First apply water on your watercolor paper and then simply drop and spread the colors of your choice. Do this while the paper is still wet so that the colors mix in and blend nicely and softly.

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 5 Handmade Rakhi Card


Once the base is nice and dry, splatter some metallic paint for that extra glam and festive look. You can do this by loading the brush with paint and tapping it with your finger to create the splatter.

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 6 Handmade Rakhi Card

Putting it Together

One it is all try, put the ribbon as shown in the picture and fix the rakhi to the base using glue or double sided tape.

Finally glue the base to the colored card.

handmade DIY Rakhi Cards
Step 7 Handmade Rakhi Card

All Ready

Personalize it as you like and send to your sibling!

Rakhi DIY
Rakhi DIY
DIY Rakhi Cards
DIY Rakhi Cards
DIY Rakhi Gift
DIY Rakhi Gift

Or simply decorate your home for a unique festive look!

Hope you enjoyed this fun and festive DIY watercolor card, do pin and save for later and don’t forget to share with some one who loves making cards!

Until next time,

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