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About me


This is Megha Cassandra!

I am the Founder, Artist & Educator at byTheArtBug.

I help upcoming & existing Creatives through my Art classes & courses.

I believe in simplifying and making art fun for everyone and that’s how I teach it.

Expensive materials don’t make a good artist but the right techniques do! It is also my way of giving back what all I have learned in 25 plus years.

Welcome to my Creative life!

 Here you will see how Art & Craft & My Passion for Décor blends to create my unique DIY Lifestyle. I am more than happy to share all this with you. Hope you will find lots interesting here!

As a little girl I was more interested in Crafting & painting than Playing.

I took a leap of faith and decided to become a full-time Artist from a College Professor. Other than teaching I also sell handmade products on Order. If you are interested in buying something handmade I would be happy to make it for You, just drop me a message.

I guess being Creative is in my blood!

Just drop me a message 👉

A few of my hobbies

Getting a Master’s degree in Education with a Gold Medal, a Master’s degree in English Literature, diploma in Interior Design, even after getting a Ph.D. in my 20s and working as a professor at a teacher’s training College, I felt I was still missing something so I took this big leap of faith and jumped into the Crafty World..

Thank you for stopping by this page and showing interest in knowing more about me and the brand!!