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How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures

Miniature painting is so much fun! If not painting they are cute to look at and collect for sure! If you are miniature lover like me, or should I say miniature freak, then in this post I am going to show you how to make a cute mini DIY easel to display your adorable Miniatures!

How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures
How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures

Before we hop on to the DIY I have a few more interesting things for you!

There is something magical about the process of creating a miniature that you can hold in your hand and admire. I love to see my ideas take form in such a small scale.

Panda, Japan

My Obsession for Miniatures Since I was 2

My mother tells me stories of how when I was little I used to grab rather confiscate mini stuff because it was supposed to be mine! I do have a few things still with me from my childhood! And as I grew up this love turned into obsession, I would like to call myself a collector (read hoarder) of all things mini! Not only I collect them I also make them, and it is a different kind of joy to make them altogether.

Firstly my love for miniatures is a constant reminder that happiness and joy can be found in the smallest of things! And secondly, In modern world where things are becoming more and more complex and bigger, my miniatures bring me comfort as I appreciate the beauty in the tiny things!

What’s more, Mniatures for me are not just collectibles, they inspire imagination, take me to a whole new world of fantasy, help me appreciate the details and intricacies of these small pieces of Art. They might be tiny but they all have a story to tell! And more than that I love it when people admire it so much!

The most rewarding part of miniature painting is seeing people’s reactions to your work.

Jane Harrison, USA

3 Cool Benefits of Miniature Painting

1. Makes you Mindful and Calm

Firstly, Miniature painting makes you calm and mindful. It requires you to pay attention to detail and work distraction free. Being present makes you mindful and calm. In today’s times when everyone seems busy and in a hurry, slowing down and being in the present, enjoying the present can be a very useful skill to have for a better lifestyle.

2. Improves Focus

Secondly, Miniature painting requires a lot of patience, this can help one clear the mind and concentrate without distraction, this will help you improve your focus in general as well. Certainly having a good focus will help you do your work more diligently without multitasking. This will in turn help you improve your overall productivity. If you are focused you can do more work in less time and this will give you more time on hand.

3. Gives Sense of Accomplishment

Finally, completing a miniature can be a very fulfilling experience and can bring in a lot of satisfaction and pride along with the joy of creating something from scratch. You will feel happy when you receive appreciation for your art and gain popularity as miniature Artist as this is not a very common skill.

6 Ways to Display Your Miniatures

1. Mini Frames

This is the most common way to display your beloved miniatures. Simple look for tiny wooden frames, mdf frames or paper frames and frame your art! Display on table or shelves or create a tiny gallery on a pillar or corner. Put it at eye level so that it is easy to see. You can also get these cute glass frames! They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes!

2. Key rings

Use these keychains and use you mini art in an affordable fuss free way! Take it with you wherever you go! These have a removable flap and it is very easy to use. You can also try this version if you do not want to reuse you art work.

3. Magnets

Another super cool way is to make magnets! I mean who doesn’t love magnets! make them for yourself gift them! You can apply mod podge or decoupage glue to seal them and make it wate resistant.

4. Jewelry

Another idea is to use Cabochon and make jewelry out of your mini paintings! And wear you Art!

5. Display with Pegs

Next simply tie a string and display the mini art using tiny wooden pegs! Or get a peg light!

6. Make a Cute Mini DIY Easel

Check out the DIY instructions below to make your own Mini easel!

How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures

How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel
How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel

Here is a list of the Materials you will need, 

  • Popsicle sticks/ Ice-cream Sticks 
  • White Glue/ Hot Glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Tissue

The Steps

Take the icecream stick.

All you need to do is cut 4 pieces as in image 2

You can choose the size as per preference, I have cut the three with angle on top they are about 2 inches in length and the fourth rectangular one is slightly smaller than them.

Next step is to glue them together in the following sequence, let each one dry properly.

You might need to cut the 3rd piece a little to make the easel stand properly.

How to make a Cute Mini DIY Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures
Easel to display your Adorable Miniatures

That’s all go ahead and decorate your adorable DIY easel, you can also refer to this video for a more detailed instruction!

DIY Easel to display your Miniatures

I hope you enjoyed this simple yet cute DIY! Do give it a try!

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Until next time,