Metallic Brush Rest Set of 3 Brush Holder Paint Brush Holder Gold Silver Copper


Perfect for keeping the brush stable while you paint and they make lovely photo props!


When I started Watercoloring I saw a few artists use these cute things to hold their brushes! I didn’t even know what they were called, so I tried to search but I could not find anything that I liked so I decided to make one for myself. When I shared it it was a hit and so many artists’ wanted to get one!

So that’s how it began, I mastered my technique and launched them!

My brush rests are handmade, Hand shaped and made by me and the designs are my own.

These are

  • Perfect for keeping the brush stable while you paint
  • Make lovely photo props
  • Also act as brush driers
  • Good for keeping the tip intact
  • They can also be used as Décor!


Approx 1″




They come only in Gold, Silver & Copper

*Please be aware that the colors might vary a bit due to different monitor settings.


Although these are sturdy & strong, they are breakable just like ceramic so Do Not drop them

Wash with water and soap gently to keep them new


The order will be processed and delivered within 4-10 days

*Kindly Note Unexpected delays may occur due to the pandemic. We appreciate your understanding.


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